Hi, I'm Bogdan.

Bogdan Niculescu


Hey! My name is Bogdan Niculescu and I'm a junior software developer with a passion for front and back-end development. I aspire toward a career that will allow me to channel my creativity through crafting beautiful software and engaging experiences. When I'm not on the computer, I enjoy playing music on my bass guitar or keyboard, playing basketball, computer games or travel.



An app to take input from the user in the form of questionnaires, associate these answers and a DNA swab kit with a back end algorithm via an API to generate personalised dietary and health advice.

Tech: React, SCSS, JavaScript, CRUD operations; Firebase: database, authentication.


Hostile Aliens

This was our first timed tech test. We were required to take an OOP approach, creating different types of ships and apply damage at random. Once a ship's HP reached 0 it should not be hit again, and the death of the mother ship should cause all the ships to die.

Tech: Vanilla JavaScript, CSS3 and Firebase: hosting.



An interactive guitar, bass guitar and ukulele fretboard. I've built this app to help me with learning the notes on the fretboard. Have fun.

Tech: Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Firebase: hosting.


Morse code

This was the first challenge we were given without much direction, just a problem to solve, after a week of JavaScript. The requirement was to translate a string of text to morse code, and to also be able to translate a string of morse back to text.

Tech: JavaScript, SCSS, HTML5 and Firebase: hosting.


Todo list

Small scale app challenge in React to demonstrate integration of firestore database, reading from and writing to the database, and displaying contents dynamically on the page.

Tech: React, React Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript, CRUD operations, Firebase: database, hosting.



Our task was to create an example front-end so consumers can visualize how the data may be used and interacted with.

Tech: React, SCSS, JavaScript, Fetching API, Firebase: hosting.


12 week project based training course, involving the development of a prototype web application for an external client using React.js, as well as working on challenges and personal projects. Here I learnt the fundamental skills required to become a Junior Software Developer. Agile working environment, with daily stand up stands and weekly retrospectives.

Some technologies that I'm working with: